Hobbit Day!

Come celebrate all things Hobbit at our party on Saturday, September 22 from 1pm to 5pm. We’ll have trivia, riddles, lots of food (of course), a scavenger hunt, read-a-loud, crafts, and a costume contest! We’ll be giving away great prizes, such as a set of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit, and a red leather journal!

For costumes, you can be any sort of character from Middle Earth that you’d like! Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, a wizard, one of the Rohirrim, even an Orc, if you wish! If you need any ideas for Hobbit costumes, try some of these links:


There’s also a great costume store in Denton, Rose Costumes, if you have the money. You can rent or buy, and they have some neat stuff that you can piece together for an outfit.

We’re also doing a read-a-loud, which means I’ll have some excerpts from all of the novels–poems, ballads, etc.,–printed up and ready to read! We’ll gather underneath the party tree, and you can pick one of the selections to read out loud. If you participate, you get to keep the pages, they should all be on tea stained paper and look very nice in a small frame to hang on your wall!

To give you a preview of our crafts, we’ll be writing our names in Tengwar, which is the alphabet Tolkien used for his elvish languages Sindarin and Quenya. I’ll also have modeling clay to make bookmarks, pendants, necklaces, whatever you can think of!

So this is just a little of what we have going on next week! Don’t forget to RSVP on facebook, and invite your friends!


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